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The CJE offers bilingual services


Whether it’s for an integration, a reintegration or help maintaining a job, I will adapt my intervention to your education, your experience, your status and your area of interest. In an individual meeting, you will find help and concepts that are necessary for your approach to finding employment:


  • Identify a target employment and potential employers;

  • Information on the labor market and employment prospects;

  • Validation / assistance in resume writing and cover letter;

  • Piloting mock interviews;

  • Improving your job search techniques;

  • Provide support in completing online employment forms or online registration for a job opportunity.



Make an appointment now :

Tanya Dorion (English Resource)

418 368-2121 #203

Email : tanya.dorion@cjecotedegaspe.ca

Crystal Element (English Resource)

418 368-2121 #211

Email :crystal.element@cjecotedegaspe.ca





Steps : 1) Registration in the CJE data base and evaluation of your needs - duration: 30-45 minutes, 2) Service (s) Target (s): Resume, cover letter... - duration: 60-90 minutes, 3) Monitoring / additional support - duration: 60-90 minutes.


*Note that the duration and number of meetings depends on your situation and evaluation of your needs. It is possible that you may be, along the way, referred to other counsellors.


***We will ask you for your Social Insurance Number (SIN). It is required to validate your registration as a client in our data base. Thank you for your cooperation!





Other Services


  • Provides information and workshops on job search techniques, employability, preparation for the job market, problem solving, communication and much more! Workshops covering this material are given to the high school, college, adult educational and vocational studies level to help students with their job search skills;

  • School Perseverance;

  • Translation of resume and cover letter;

  • Interview preparation and employer contact;

  • Networking.

Come get the key to your success! 

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