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35 years old and less

Whether it’s for an integration, a reintegration or help maintaining a job, the intervention will be adapt to your education, your experience, your status and your area of interest. In an individual meeting, you will find help and concepts that are necessary for your approach to finding employment:


  • Identify a target employment and potential employers;

  • Improving your job search techniques;

  • Information on the labor market and employment prospects;

  • Piloting mock interviews;

  • Provide support in completing online employment forms or online registration for a job opportunity;

  • Validation and assistance in resume writing and cover letter.

More Services:


  • Interview preparation and employer contact;

  • Networking;

  • Personal & Social Autonomy;

  • Provides information and workshops on job search techniques, employability, preparation for the job market, problem solving, communication and much more! Workshops covering this material are given to the high school, college, adult educational and vocational studies level to help students with their job search skills;

  • School Perseverance;

  • Translation of resume and cover letter.

Project: Your Dream Prom

The project falls within the mandate of the school perseverance component, which is financially supported by the Secrétariat à la jeunesse as part of the Carrefour-jeunesse pilot project program.

High school is not always easy, but it is no reason to deprive yourself of your prom. You may be overwhelmed by a feeling of failure or not fitting in with your classmates or school community but that is just a phase.

Your Dream Prom allows 10 high school graduates to attend their prom in style! It is the reward we would like to offer students for their perseverance. The students who will benefit from this project will have had to demonstrate an effort and perseverance throughout their journey in school following a particularly difficult experience.

Our youth counselor will accompany the participants in their preparations for the prom. A complete outfit (dress, tux, shoes, and jewelry) will be provided as well as hairdressing, make-up and manicure services.

The young participants will thus be able to express their sense of belonging to their school, their friends and include themselves in their end of school party while being proud both inside and out.

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